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By Lisa Guy

Published by Jane Curry Publishing
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My Goodness

My Goodness is essential reading for all parents with children aged 5 to teens. It covers everything you need to know about childhood health and nutrition.

My Goodness arms parents with the knowledge and confidence to make healthy food choices, pack nutritious lunches and cook healthy meals and snacks that children want and need.

This book will change the way families look at health and nutrition.

My Goodness not only teaches the importance of different foods and nutrients in a child's diet, but how to include these foods into meals, with over 130 delicious, healthy recipes - all tested and loved by kids. Every recipe in this book contains only wholesome ingredients and can be changed to gluten-free, lactose-free or vegetarian forms.

Make healthy versions of all your kid's favourites and get lots of ideas for healthy party food and ways to sneak extra goodness into your child's diet.

My Goodness is extremely informative, easy to read and, above all, it's practical. It answers all the 'why and why not?' questions parents ask when it comes to feeding their children - how to boost a child's brain power and concentration, strengthening children's immune systems, building strong, healthy bones and teeth, important nutrients and super foods, managing children with special needs (ADHD, diabetes and food allergies and intolerances), healthy weight loss for overweight children and how to read food labels for hidden sugars, salt and bad fats.

My Goodness provides reliable, evidence-based advice about food and nutrition. It is rooted in the latest nutrition research and scientific studies and draws upon Lisa's own clinical and personal experience.

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